Judging Criteria


– to help applicants, an idea of what the judges are looking for in your garden.

Overall Design - use of colour, appropriate plants for situation, quality of plants, upkeep, wow factor

Bird/insect boxes, log piles, ponds, less closely cut grass (meadow areas)

Compost bins, imaginative but practical use of materials

Water conservation/retention, use of permanent planting

Community Gardens
Numbers involved, effectiveness of bonding/teamwork

For the Best Neighbourhood category - we would like to see community working taking place, eg supporting elderly neighbours, sharing seeds or greenhouse space, communal composting or communal wildlife area.
The Best Neighbourhood should be a street, yard or cul de sac of several dwellings (preferably of 2 or more)

For the Best Floral Planters - ideally this is a gardener who is gardening without the benefit of a garden. This gardener is planting on a window sill, or using troughs or hanging baskets or planters. This might be a gardener with a flat or with only yard space rather than a garden.