Knaresborough in Bloom local competition results 2004

Private flower gardens
1st Prize Mrs Mutimer, Calcutt, Knaresborough
2nd Prize Mr Clayton, The Lido Caravan Park, Knaresborough
3rd Prize Mr PE Atkinson, Victoria Ave, Knaresborough

Private Mixed gardens
1st Prize Mr and Mrs Tankard Birkdale Ave Knaresborough
2nd Prize Mr S Benson Halfpenny Lane Knaresborough
3rd Prize Mr and Mrs Maud Green Dragon Yard, Knaresborough

Traders Properties
1st Prize Uncle Tom's Holiday Cabins, Waterside, Knaresborough
2nd Prize The Hermitage Guest House, Waterside, Knaresborough
3rd Prize The Art Apartment, Green Dragon Yard, Knaresborough

Small Exhibits
1st Prize Brenda and Dave Crawford, Kirkgate, Knaresborough
2nd Prize Maria Gilfoyle , High St, Knaresborough
3rd Prize Mrs K Willoughby, Park Square, Knaresborough

Churches, Community Centres
Winner Alexander House, Ash Tree Road, Knaresborough

1st Prize Mr J Robinson, Knaresborough
2nd Prize Mr Stuart Roebuck, Knaresborough

School's garden
Winner Castle CE Junior School, Stockwell Road, Knaresborough

The following special prizes were awarded:
Mrs Christine Horsfall St Margaret's Road, Knaresborough, Special Prize for Hedges and Topiary
Mrs Rita Hunter Stockwell Drive, Knaresborough Special Prize for Innovation, Use of Space and Original Ideas

Grow a Giant Sunflower
Winner Meadowside School
Runner up Castle CE Junior School